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 Released mods - TWC Wiki

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PostSubject: Released mods - TWC Wiki   Wed Feb 20, 2013 12:32 am

Here you have placed a great link with perhaps the best mods for tw whole saga, I hope you enjoy.

Here you can download the mods too

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PostSubject: Re: Released mods - TWC Wiki   Wed Feb 20, 2013 2:33 am

There is not the best mode for Rome, Europa Barbarorum. Ancient World fans, I strongly recommend this Mod, which has a living Multiplayer community that organizes tourneys.
This a serious project developed as a modification of Rome Total War. It has far more historical accuracy and units. Its complexity in campaign and battle field is bigger and far more interesting. You can get an idea of what we hope Rome2 will be, if the CA guys are wise enough to pay attention to this great game (which seems to be as the Suebi faction symbol shows and the Arverni picture, in which we see soldiers of the gauls with the helmets for the Solduros below). I will put and update links here.

Europa Barbarorum page:

EB wiki:

EB II is a oncoming modification of Medieval 2:

I'm part of the EBO or EB1 Online Multiplayer Community. I will be very happy if one of you decide to battle there. You will not regret it!

Youtube channels:
[img] [/img]
I left you the image of my current favorite unit, the mighty Solduros from the Aedui faction:

[img] [/img]

Of course it looks way better!

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Released mods - TWC Wiki
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