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 Team Battles vs BiA

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PostSubject: Team Battles vs BiA   Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:51 am

Wins in Green. Losses in Grey.

LQvsNP 1
Factions: Poland/Byz vs Egypt/Siciliy. Non final engagement. Most kills: N.
Comment: Egypt 4 Naffa. Byz avoid them. Byz tries to double Nestor's right wing. He guard moded. Also left an opnening in the middle, don't know if on purpose or not. Poland's right wing destroyed.

LQvsNP 2
Factions: Porto/Spain vs Papal/Moors Final engagement: QvsN. Most kills: Q.
Comment: BiA has a good team play in skirmish. Nestor guard modes infantry. Also uses loose formation on infantry.

Factions: HRE/Moors/Spain vs Papal/ Milan/ Portugal Final engagement: LQE vs N. Most kills: Q
Comment: we won skirmish duel! Genoese not to powerfull if they don't shoot first (?).
Date: 17/04/2013

No one conquers who doesn't fight. Gabriel Biel
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Team Battles vs BiA
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