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 Total War creators think that 70% of video games are not "good enough"

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PostSubject: Total War creators think that 70% of video games are not "good enough"   Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:15 am

The chief designer of Creative Assembly, Renaud Charpentier, has spoken to the British magazine EDGE on the current state of the video game industry being highly critical of contemporary productions.

"When you look at the market, probably 20 or 30% of the games are good, and the remaining 60 to 70% is not good enough," admitted Charpentier. "Normally they work, many do not hang and are technically competent." Most of them have a decent look or even good, but playing them are **** ".

"The biggest risk is not in technology or art, is in the design," said the designer. "You have to face it and has to be what directs many of the other decisions. We can not keep throwing games that everyone can feel that they stop being interesting after 30 minutes when there are 20 or 30 people who have spent two years working in them.'s something that does not make sense. "

"It is not about writing a 100-page document with design elements that serve no purpose ... Nobody is going to read that and be totally anachronistic for when you do. Was about making a game, and for that you need a technology that is ready, "he said, before turning on supporting new business models. "As a player you hate to go through the whole process of downloading a game, install it, defining controls pass the tutorial, play a couple of hours and then realize that it is a ****".
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Total War creators think that 70% of video games are not "good enough"
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