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 Total War: Rome II concrete new details about his features

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PostSubject: Total War: Rome II concrete new details about his features   Thu Mar 21, 2013 2:22 am

Creative Assembly, the makers of the Total War series, have announced new features of Total War: Rome II, the new title in which they work and that will be released in 2013.

"With each faction maps showing the home position, together with military intelligence, political and civil fortresses with rich descriptions of their armies in battle, Factions Center Total War: Rome II is an essential place for fans of Total War ", declared. "Every faction in the game is reflected by a plethora of information, more depth and a greater variety of details that any delivery to date of Total War, resulting in the reflection of the ancient world as never before. Differences between cultures are not simply cosmetic added, each offering essentially a different playing style. "

"Showing the key powers in Greco-Latin cultures, Barbarian and Eastern countries, each faction is characterized by its own political system and agents, and by three trees represent technological disciplines of engineering, military and civil "they explain. "Each will have its own problems to face and different styles of directing armies. Certain factions - as Roma - are subdivided into a number of playable families that confer unique benefits to the central features of the faction".
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Total War: Rome II concrete new details about his features
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