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 Rome 2: Total War honor a recently deceased young fan

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Rome 2: Total War honor a recently deceased young fan Empty
PostSubject: Rome 2: Total War honor a recently deceased young fan   Rome 2: Total War honor a recently deceased young fan Icon_minitimeThu Mar 21, 2013 2:28 am

Creative Assembly honor a young fan of Total War series that recently died from cancer, putting his face in one of the Roman soldiers present in the promising Rome 2: Total War PC.

The relationship with this amateur study of 24 years dating back to last summer, when James visited the offices of Creative Assembly as part of the Willow Foundation initiative, in which terminally ill have the chance to see some of his dreams fulfilled.

"James's enthusiasm knew no bounds. Passionate He asked questions and gave us clear and concise suggestions on features I wanted to see in the game," said one of the investigators, Craig Paycock. "When I found out recently that James had died was devastating."

"Even though I spent only a few hours in his company, was absolutely devastating because he was able to show us how passionate you our games," continues the creative, they did not hesitate to remember the great reception that was wasteful to James when he visited their offices .

"What really struck me was how my friends reacted to the visit of James. Me flooded with emails offering help to accompany me on the visit. So the visit was organized one, with the boys team teaching James what they were doing Rome 2 "he adds.

Craig Paycock also stressed that having the young James in the game is a nice tribute dedicated to his followers. "Although it will not have the opportunity to see hit stores in Rome 2, live in a small way in our game, and every time I see it will remember what a great guy he was," he concludes.
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Rome 2: Total War honor a recently deceased young fan
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